San Domenico School Children In Need Club Tutoring Program

San Domenico School Children In Need Club Tutoring Program

​Starting this semester, Children in Need Club members have been visiting the Pickleweed Community Center and Canal Alliance Organization in the Canal District of San Rafael to help tutor elementary and middle schoolers. At first everyone started off, understandably, a little uncertain. New volunteers didn't know what the kids would be like or how they would do as tutors. However, as the program took off, San Domenico volunteers started walking in with a new confidence, feeling themselves becoming better and more patient teachers. Together, SD tutors help students on math problems and concepts on Tuesdays, and do fun science projects on Fridays. On these days they have enjoyed watching the improvement of their students over the course of one and/or multiple sessions. All volunteers agree that having such hard working and quick learning students helps a lot. Sylan Yuan proudly described her experience with a student writing "even though she is confused about the topic she doesn't get mad and stays focused".

The program is a lot more than just homework help, it's fun! The volunteers have introduced games to motivate the students and help them pay attention. Also, in the program, volunteers have made friends with their students because they always seem to make people smile and laugh. Ivy Liang recounted getting to know one girl when "she shared some of her stories with me and asked me about my school". The most important consensus about the program is that it has a mutual benefit for both tutors and students. Ada Wang agrees, writing "after today's tutoring, we all made progress in becoming better tutors. I have become more patient than before; and I believe that for those of us whose native language is not English, the program helps us make great progress in improving our English skills, since we are working with local students". We at the Children in Need Club are proud of our members for helping to educate the next generation as we look forward to the program's continuation and growth.

Children in Need is a youth-led club dedicated in helping underprivileged children around the world. For the past 4 years, club members have had over 60 benefit concerts, volunteered at 18 orphanages and helping more than 1,000 children in 13 countries. 


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