An Owl's Halloween Horror Story

The Marin Humane Society and WildCare team up to save an owl caught in some outdoor Halloween decorations in Novato.


This story from a year ago was shared with Novato Patch by Maggie Rufo, who works at WildCare in San Rafael, as a reminder to homeowners who are putting up decorations:

For this western screech owl, the Halloween decorations on a Novato home weren't just scary, they were life-threatening.

The Marin Humane Society responded to a call from homeowners saying that their artificial spider web had ensnared an accidental victim.

"He was hanging upside down right outside the front door," the homeowner said. "When we opened the door he just hung there and blinked at us!"

Upon arrival at the home, the MHS officer gently snipped the little owl out of the web, and brought him, panting with stress and still wrapped in filament, to Wildcare in San Rafael.

Here are some tips to make your Halloween safe for our local wildlife, courtesy of Wildcare. 

If you're especially interested in owls, you might be especially interested in Wildcare's Evening with the Owls, set for Nov. 2 in Mill Valley.

More than 90 percent of WildCare's patients are admitted to the San Rafael  wildlife hospital because of unfortunate interactions with humans or our stuff. Your donation today will help WildCare treat injured patients and educate children and adults to help prevent future harm. Click to donate now.

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