Residents Remember Family, Jokes, Nature From Holidays Past

Locals shared their favorite spring holiday memories on Facebook. What are yours?

It's no coincidence that the egg is an important symbol for both Easter and Passover, celebrated this Sunday and all this week, respectively. The spring holidays are a time for rebirth, both liturgically and spiritually.

For Jews, it's the celebration of freedom; for Christians, the rebirth of Christ; and for everyone, the tossing off of winter sluggishness, cleaning out those closets and setting foot outside, refreshed and renewed. 

We asked our Facebook followers in Marin County this week about their favorite memories of the spring holidays. They recalled fresh clothes, family and the joy of discovery on Easter Egg hunts.

Read what they had to say below, then add your favorite Easter memories in the comments section.

From Novato Patch Facebook:

"The beautiful blooms, birds, and bees showing us all the changes and seasons to share with our Novato kids and familes!" -Novato Youth Center

"We had a huge seder one year, I was about 7 years old, led by my great grandfather, big T-shaped tables...dining room table at the head, two rented tables extending through the living room, ALL of my cousins attended. It's ALL about the people...about the family." -Susan Levin White

"As a child, making a "bonnet" from a paper plate. As a parent, taking my daughter as a toddler to Falkirk egg hunt with Alice In Wonderland themed characters." -Stephanie Brandelius

From San Anselmo-Fairfax Patch Facebook:

"Daffodills, blooming trees and sun...." -Carolyn McCoy

"My grandfather, Zichrono L'Shalom, was a character. His favorite joke at the seder was explaining that we ate eggs to commemorate the Israelites crossing the Reed Sea. (Think about it :P)" -Cindy Ross


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