When Ireland Came to Fairfax

Add your own photos and video from the Fairfax Feis.

Over 1,000 people celebrated in the streets and venues of Fairfax last weekend. No, it wasn't another Fax Fest. It was Fairfax Feis (pronounced 'fesh'). 

The first annual Irish music festival filled six venues around town and kicked off a lively weekend with a parade of bagpipers down Broadway and Bolinas.

"We met out goal, which was to make the town the venue," said David Smadbeck, Chamber co-President and one of the organizers of the feis.

Irish music lovers gathered at the , , (which was packed, said Smadbeck), , the Pavillion, and even .

When he went in to a packed Sorella's, Smadbeck said, "the whole place was singing Alive, Alive-O!"

Smadbeck and co-founder of the feis, Gaelic for festival, Cormac Gannon plan to come back next year with more venues, more music and more fun.

Check out the photos and watch some of the videos from the Fairfax Feis. You can see more on the feis' facebook page. Or add your own videos and photos below.


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