New Bakery Opens

Hair salon coming soon; and don't miss this week's Open House.


It’s a Sweet Life

The Grand Opening of the much anticipated (at least by me!) Sweetlife bakery, located at 101 San Anselmo Ave., has finally arrived. The sun hadn’t quite fully risen in the sky, but the doors were open and even at 7:02 a.m. I wasn’t the first person in line. 

Cinnamon-sugar-covered donut muffins, lemon and raspberry bars, tangerine and currant scones, croissants, almond, croissants, chocolate croissants, quiche, crème tarts and more filled the crystal clear cases and more was being brought out at every turn. Fresh-baked bread filled the back racks and crates, an extra-large and shiny espresso machine had one of its maiden voyages with my latte. It was not only beautifully made with the leaf topped foam but delicious too. 

The new computer system had a minor glitch so my small purchase was on the house, but I am sure that they figured it all out by now. The interior is bright and clean with thick glass and white marble. And the windows, along with the small patio that may one day have tables and chairs, is a great place to watch the outside world go by. The staff was warm and welcoming if a little nervous, but who wouldn’t be on the first day of anything? 

This is a fabulous addition to the south end of downtown San Anselmo and, if the early rush on the first morning was any indication, it is sure to be a hit and huge success.

New Look for New Locks

A new beauty business in downtown Fairfax at 17 Bolinas, Hairfax, will be opening its doors in the very near future. Only extra-large scissors don the front window at the moment along with a simple sign about the soon-to-be-open shop, but we look forward to seeing it grow and then cut up the town.

Extra Hours

RockFlowerPaper, the delightful shop filled with beautiful bags, trays, napkins, and lovely household items, will be opening its doors on Saturdays between now and Christmas. As an extra bonus, spend $25 and they’ll toss in an adorable itsy-bitsy bag. Located at 145 Tunstead Ave. in downtown San Anselmo (across from and just up from ) this is a store that everyone can’t help but find something they or someone on their list will love.

Sweet Sales and Bitter Sweet Goodbyes

Trouve located on Bolinas Avenue in Fairfax is having its first sale, which is sure to be sweet.

Unfortunately, , located on San Anselmo Avenue, will be closing its doors and is now selling its furniture along with all the merchandise at 60 percent off.  However, their location in Mill Valley will remain open.

One Last Note

Forget Cyber Monday Madness (or whatever it may be called), save your pennies for a real live experience for this Friday, Dec. 2 at San Anselmo’s Annual Holiday Open House. 

From 5 to 8 p.m., stores will not only be open but a veritable feast can be had by all hungry shoppers. Snacks, cheese, sweets, cocao, wine, cookies, eggnog, coffee, cupcakes, chips, dips and more will be shared by all our amazing local merchants. Did you know that every $100 spent at local independent stores returns $68 to our community? If you spend at a national chain like Target only $43 returns (if we’re lucky) and if you buy something on the internet absolutely nothing, not one cent, comes home. 

So, make it a real experience, one the whole family can enjoy, and shop local. Pick up a flyer from any local merchant, so you can plan your route depending on what’s on your list and what your tummy tells you.

Kelly Dunleavy O'Mara November 29, 2011 at 07:48 PM
I went to the new bakery yesterday and it'll probably get added to my list of places to hang out and do work.
Sarah Shideler December 04, 2011 at 01:07 AM
Thanks Kaz, Keep me posted about when you'll be opening up officially and best of luck!
jennifer dobbs December 05, 2011 at 08:20 PM
This place is not that great. I got the little gem salad for 6.50 and all it is is iceburg lettuce and dressing. The dressing has a great flavour but its a total rip-off. I also got the carrot-butternut squash soup which is just average. They forgot the bread that comes with it. They have a lot to work on. I won't be back.
Marilyn Mc Laughlin January 05, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Ms. Dobbs, Please do come back for a refund. We don't carry iceberg lettuce, though I am happy to hear you enjoyed the dressing. We would be pleased to share some of our breads with you. Sorry to hear you were not served our bread while you dined with us. The Sweetlife
Katz January 05, 2013 at 08:15 AM
I have come from mill valley three times before 9:30 to pick up some cinnamon morning buns. You have been sold out by 8:30. Very disappointing . Now I have to call at 7:30 to have you hold them for me. La forine in Berkeley use to be like that, Now they make plenty for all day. That's how you make a profit. It would be nice to see all the pastries you make and not have to come in before 9:00am to enjoy the selection . Katz


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