What's in Store for Lo Coco's, Film Night Eats in Fairfax and Why TCBY Switched Names

New owners of Lo Coco's to focus on local food sourcing.


Lo Coco's Promises Local Ingredients, Family Feel

Filipo Lo Coco started his namesake restaurant in 1988. Three weeks ago he sold it to Steve Stragnola and his son Michael. Their vision? Keep everything that's made Lo Coco's a mainstay of downtown San Anselmo while adding their own twist.

"Things are pretty much going to stay the same," Steve reiterates."The menu, pizza and our famous dough -- all the same. All the things that made this place popular aren't changing."

Steve's son Michael, with a background in culinary pursuits, does have a few variations he wants to make to the kitchen.

"We want to utlize local ingredients, and encourage local sourcing."

Michael explained that it's hard to supply a pizzeria with solely local ingredients, with the need for items like canned tomatoes, but that he's committed to localizing his pantry to whatever extent possible. He also intends to offer roast chickens, and to work with companies like Strauss Creamery, all in the name of improving the Lo Coco's experience.

While Steve acknowledges the inherent costs of local products, he asserts that his restaurant stands behind the axiom that good food should be affordable. He wants Lo Coco's to be known as a family place, upscale only in its flavor and presentation. 

Readers can also look forward to outdoor seating, acoustic guitar on select nights, lunch service and more as Lo Coco's continues to improve. 

Menu Suggestions for Film Night in the Park in Fairfax

Last week we highlighted some logical places to score a meal before heading to Creekside Park for a summer movie. Now we turn our focus to Fairfax, with an emphasis on utensil-free, tasty fare at a variety of eateries open late enough to feed you before a movie at Fairfax Central Field.

 (open until 10pm daily)

Let's get the obvious out of the way. Ice cream and a movie on a hot night is what summers were made for.

 (open until 9pm Fri & Sat)

Cheeseburgers and fries are always a safe bet if you want to treat yourself and need to grab food quickly before the opening credits.

(open until 8:30pm Fri & Sat)

Burritos, tacos or even just an agua fresca are all solid selections for a tacqueria twist to your viewing experience.

(open until 6:00pm Fri & Sat)

Fancy sandwiches with a side of java might just be what the doctor ordered. If you're feeling a little groggy after a Friday workday, but determined to catch a Film Night flick, head to Fair Fix to refuel ahead of the show.


TCBY No More

In name, at least.

Readers have noticed that TCBY is now San Anselmo Yogurt. makes mention that the owner of TCBY was putting his franchise for sale on Craigslist because he was moving out-of-state. 

Did the San Anselmo Yogurt folks make a big Craigslist investment? What's changing? All those answers and more in the next installment of The Scoop!


Have a tip? Notice a business closing or opening? Write me at zruskin@gmail.com and we'll follow-up and report back in a future column!

steve stragnola June 20, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Thank you Colleen....We have already increased the variety of vegetables on the plates and we have been locating higher quality organic products from local grower in West Marin. Some are even being supplied my Michael's (my son) personal garden.. thanks again,
Arvid P. Sloan June 20, 2012 at 08:21 PM
By better pizza I mean: Less doughy, better sauce, better cheese. Made by people who actually care about if it tastes good. Better pasta would mean not over cooked and over priced.
Bennett Hamer June 21, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Better would include pastas and pizza dough that leave me feeling delighted with flavor without feeling overly full. I am not a chef so I leave that up to you the professionals. But on the many occasions that we have been at Lo Coco's over the past decade with various friends from around the Bay and indeed the world, the same comment always comes to fore, "wonderful flavors, but still not worth feeling this full."
steve stragnola June 21, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Bennett......thanks for caring enough to comment..... Some of our plans are to start making our own pastas, raviolis, etc.....and a thin crust pizza as an option to the traditional "thick"..... This could solve the "too full" feeling.....Thanks again.....ss
EastWestGirl June 23, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Love a lot about the Lococos we've experienced over the years, especially the house salad (awesome), the pizzas, and the best sauce in the world:: "Siena" (please don't take that away)... but additions are LONG overdue. So excited for larger wine glasses (hate wine to the rim of dinky glasses) and even more excited for a non-carb dinner choice and some protein!!!! Thanx!!


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