Learn a little history today

Take a tour of the San Anselmo History Museum through our photo gallery.

One of the lesser known treasures in town is our wealth of information about the rich local history. The San Anselmo History Museum -- open on Tuesdays and Saturdays -- is a gem hidden behind the San Anselmo Library. The museum is full not just of books and information, but genuine historical artifacts from a time long gone.

Look through the photo gallery as our photographer brings you into the past. Then, go visit the museum yourself!

This photographic tour of the museum features remnants of the San Anselmo Herald. The paper, founded in 1911, reported on San Anselmo, Ross, Kentfield, Yolanda, and Lansdale -- stops along the train route. Pictured here is the press used to print the historic paper.

A bridal dress from 1901 can also be seen, along with shoes and photograph of the bride, Bertha Mohr. And milk bottles around the museum date back to a time the area was largely a dairy.


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