PG&E Reports "Wide Acceptance" of SmartMeters, Even in Fairfax

Even as the Town Council prepares to discuss the matter, PG&E indicates the discussion is moot. What do you think?


On the eve of the to discuss extending a moratorium on SmartMeter installation, PG&E has announced relatively few people have "opted out" of the controversial program.

Patch is asking you, the reader, what you think with a poll below.

In an article on the Marin IJ website, the utility was quoted as reporting to the California Public Utilities Commission that "substantially less than 1 percent of PG&E's residential customers" have declined the technology.

"This balance is reflected in Fairfax and unincorporated Marin County, which together represent approximately 20,650 meters," PG&E told the utility commission. "In these areas, deployment currently is approximately 34 percent complete with 7,056 SmartMeters installed, yet only 281 customers in Fairfax and 524 customers in unincorporated Marin County had opted out as of May 11, 2012."

The announcement from the energy corporation came at the same time as a press release dated today, May 15, on their website saying, "Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today announced it achieved a major customer milestone, having recently upgraded more than 9 million meters to SmartMeter™ technology." Ninety-three percent of projected installations are complete, the statement says.

with the Town of Fairfax to extend the moratorium on SmartMeter installations, and a hearing and possible vote arefor May 16 Town Council meeting. The measure, Ordinance 765, would extend for another year the moratorium on the installation of the wireless energy meters in or on any living quarters or business in Fairfax, or equipment related to them.

Follow this link for the complete Marin IJ article.

What do you think? Is Fairfax's objection to SmartMeter installation still a battle worth fighting?

A May 16, 2012 at 01:13 AM
The reason that PGE can claim that "many" people aren't opting out is because PGE won't even put you on this opt-out list (to be counted) unless you pay them $75 ($10 for CARE program) to do so. The fact that they are trying to charge this "opt out" fee is currently being fought as well and, if they lose, I think they will have to refund people but in the meantime they will have been able to keep the money. Basically, many more people than PGE is claiming HAVE called PGE to opt out but have refused to pay them a dime to do so. What does PGE they say to that? "Oh well, we can't officially add you to the opt out list if you won't pay us, then." This, of course, means that you don't get counted here and that PGE can suddenly claim that all these people haven't opted out. So THAT is how they are getting their numbers, Patch. Feel free to investigate it. Also, people should know that a smart meter installer told me they will not install if a "no smart meter sign" is visible on the meter or if someone is on the property to verbally opt out to them in person.
sanford miles May 16, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Ok , smart meters are coming. How else can you have the marin so called green power to get paid. Oh and your YFI and cell phones put out emf fields that make the smart meters like radios. THE TOWN COUNCIL SHOULD BE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT PARKING , TRASH RATES, STUPID INTERSECTIONS, AND MAKEING SURE THAT TRAFFIC LAWS ARE UPHELD FOR PEOPLE, BIKES, AND CARS.
Sierra Salin May 16, 2012 at 03:15 PM
They fail to mention important issues such as a lack of data security or privacy/control, as well as the fact that the wireless tech is open to hacking/disruption and a security disaster waiting to happen, and what about the billing increases and discrepancies. To suggest that some people are being denied a wonderful "smart meter" seems a little backward and disingenuous to me, and where has been the education or choice in being asked period? Do corporations have the right to dictate how we live on private property? Where is the proof or assurance of long term safety or benefits? There is none. Oops? Not on my watch P.G$$E. Most folks, given the details of why people do not want them, tend to agree with many of the issues. I do not trust corporate P.G$$E to have anythings interest in it's black heart except for $ profits, and their past history, Erin Brokivitch, Hinckley, San Bruno, etc, is not exactly stellar concern for safety or health... Opt out fees, when we are already paying meter reader fees, and covering the expense for the meters? Let P.G$$E's shareholder's pay if they believe them so nifty, and wire the things, as well as fix the security holes first.
Sierra Salin May 16, 2012 at 03:16 PM
It is a personal choice to have a microwave oven, or a microwave phone by your head, and time WILL tell, what effects any of it has, and, there are many multi unit buildings with banks of smart meters outside bedroom walls, etc. Are our homes and personal spaces ours to choose for ourselves, or are they now dictated by corporate America? Conservation is more effectively achieved through education than through a new fangled and unproven "smart" meter, which is being forced on the ratepayers, as well as an extortionary payment scheme to not have one. Smart Meters benefit the utility companies, not the consumers. A basic primer of the issues can be found here .http://readersupportednews.org/pm-section/78-78/3975-a-qsmartq-meter-primer-should-you-care Likely the increase in fires, explosions, and electrocutions in the future, mishaps such as the San Bruno disaster, due to less meter readers walking the neighborhoods will cost more for clean up, rebuilding, and the resultant lawsuits, than the cost for meter readers?
Richard Raznikov May 16, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Salin is right. PG&E's claim that people have agreed to the smart meters (sic) because not enough have 'chosen' to pay the extortionate fees demanded by the utility and its corrupt friends at the PUC is a perfect example of the dishonesty this company is famous for. Their executives ought to be in prison, not sucking up fat bonuses.
A May 16, 2012 at 06:18 PM
@sanford, you said "How else can you have the marin so called green power to get paid." I assume you are speaking of the Marin Clean Energy program? These two issues are unrelated. MCE makes money because if you choose to use them you will pay higher rates than PGE's. (They basically piggyback on top of your PGE delievery for electric (they don't do gas) and they make their money from the spread between the difference in the two rates. So, it has nothing to do with smart meters. A smart meter is not needed to participate in the Marin Clean Energy program nor to opt out. Two totally separate issues. But while we are on the subject, I have to say that it was pretty craptacular for Marin Clean Energy to pull a fast one like PGE and decide to automatically start opting everyone in Marin County into their program without our permission. Total PGE behaviour. I compared rates and opted out. Yes everyone, even if you are in the CARE program, your rates will increase with MCE. If you want to make an extra contribution towards greener electricity you can but do you know where MCE gets it's energy from? For the next 5 years they are getting it from Shell Energy North America (SENA). So the question is...how green do you consider Shell to be and do you want to spend extra money towards that each month?
Randy Engle June 14, 2012 at 02:40 AM
As much as a rip as it is, we paid the $75+ to opt out of smart meters. Tonite, as I walked by a neighbor's house 2 doors down from me, there was a PG&E truck full of smart meters and a newly installed one on Rocca. No, I don't want to pay PG&E any more money, but this is an issue that needs a conviction backed by some action. Hey, Fairfax!. Tell PG&E, No! and mean it.
A June 14, 2012 at 03:04 AM
Key is to talk to your neighbors and if they don't want smart meters....when you see the smart meter man coming you can go down and rightfully tell him...they don't want it. If you are convincing enough they will actually back off. They don't really want a lot of trouble. Your neighbors need to have their NO SMARTMETER signs up. If they sign is up they won't install. If no sign, they will go right onto the property and install. A smartmeter man told me this himself. I was able to stop them for one neighbors property by getting her verbal permission and informing him of it.


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