San Anselmo Blotter: Subject Gets Arrested Twice in One Day

The Central Main Police Authority responded to San Anselmo calls on Jan. 2-7 that included a cherry bomb, burglaries, a runaway moving truck and juveniles busted for possession of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.



Monday, January 7

Cherry bomb: 1:56 p.m. Memorial Park on Veterans Place. Caller reported a possible shot fired in the area of the playground. Unit contacted a third caller who advised four teens had set off a cherry bomb. Area was checked and units advised they were unable to locate any subjects.

Vehicle burglary: 7:21 p.m. Oak Springs Drive. Resident advised her vehicle was broken into between 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 6 and 7 a.m. on Jan. 7.  She said her vehicle was locked and there were no signs of forced entry, but all the windows were down and the sunroof was open in the morning. Contact was made with the RP and a log entry number was provided. No loss reported.

Fallen female: 8:54 p.m. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fairfax Police said a female fell in the street and was possibly intoxicated. They requested assistance. An officer responded and assistance was provided.

Verbal argument: 10:14 p.m. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Resident advised he had a heated verbal argument with a unknown female in her 40's concerning Prop. 13. RP felt compelled to respond to San Anselmo Police Department station and report the argument. He said the female left the gas station already and he requested documentation only.

Juveniles cited: 11:16 p.m. Brookside. Officer attempted to contact juveniles walking onto the campus carrying backpacks. When the subjects saw the officer they proceeded to run. After a foot pursuit, contact was made with two juvenile subjects who were cited for resisting arrest, minor in possession of alcohol, public intoxication, possession of tobacco paraphernalia as a minor and possession of marijuana. Both juveniles were cited and released to their parents at the scene. 


Sunday, Jan. 6 

Suspicious person: 1:28 a.m. San Anselmo Avenue and Woodland Avenue. Officer was flagged down by a citizen reporting a suspicious subject who appeared to be trying door handles. When the subject saw the RP (reporting person), he "took off". Officers checked the area and the subject was not located. All businesses appeared secure.

Injury collision: 12:09 p.m. Woodside Drive. RP reported a moving truck rolled down the hill and hit a male subject and a parked car. Officers and fire responded.  The male subject had been standing on the back of the moving van and jumped off when it started to roll. The truck hit a parked and unoccupied vehicle belonging to a homeowner. A report was taken.

Sleeper: 11:39 p.m. Bella Vista Avenue. RP heard music playing and she believed a homeless subject was sleeping behind her residence. Officers responded and contacted the subject. He was advised of the ordinance and moved along. Contact was made with the RP.


Saturday, Jan. 5

Illegal camping: 12:52 a.m. Sir Francis Drake Bl. Officers advised they were out with a subject to the rear of the business. The subject, Robert Marshall Dehaven, was cited and released for illegal camping.

Public intoxication: 1:53 a.m. Sir Francis Drake Bl. Anonymous reported a male subject is yelling on the hillside behind the business.  Area checked and contact made with Robert Marshall Dehaven, who was arrested for public intoxication.  Dehaven was booked into Marin County Jail, to be released later without charges.

Hit-and-run: 12:59 p.m. Greenfield Avenue. Caller reported between 8:30 a.m. at 12:45 p.m. someone ran into the RP’s front passenger door. RP requested to speak with an officer via phone. No note was left and there was no suspect information.  The RP was contacted and given log entry number.

Locked out: 1:10 p.m. Rutherford Avenue and Butterfield Road. A female caller advised she was locked out of her vehicle with the engine running. Corte Madera Tow was requested. Unit stood by for their arrival.

Missing iPhone: 7:47 p.m. San Anselmo Avenue and Ross Avenue. Caller reported her iPhone 5, was taken from her vehicle while she was eating dinner sometime between 6 and 7:30 p.m. RP advised she has tracked the phone to Drake High School and requested and officer respond. Area was checked and the officers were unable to locate the phone. Officer went with the caller back to the restaurant and her phone was located on the ground next to where she parked. Owner and phone were reunited.

Public intoxication: 8:40 p.m. Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Report of a homeless subject yelling in the parking lot. Robert Marshall Dehaven was located and arrested for public intoxication. He was booked into Marin County Jail.


Friday, Jan. 4 

Missing a watch?: 11:39 a.m. 1500 block of Sir Francis Drake Blvd. A RP found a dark colored men’s watch in mid-December. RP has posted signs on the building, checked with the Fairfax Police Department and has put a listing on "Craig's List" without any responses. RP said if anyone reports losing a similar watch, they could be put in contact with him.

Suspicious circumstance: 5:54 p.m. Melville Avenue. A subject was dropped off in a vehicle and then walked around the RP's mailbox before walking up the path to his neighbor's residence.  Officers responded and checked the area without locating any suspects.


Thursday, Jan. 3 

Dogs chase dog: 9:49 a.m. Sequoia Drive. RP reported two dogs were chasing after another dog and the RP believed they were vicious. RP was provided with information for the Humane Society. An officer responded and contacted the owner of the two dogs, who stated they both escaped from him by accident. The third dog made it safely home.

Juvenile problem: 1:04 p.m. Camino De Herrera. An anonymous citizen reported she could hear male juveniles by the water tower. Officers responded and contacted three male juveniles. Two of them were cited and released to their parents for possession of marijuana. The other was warned and was released to a parent. 

Threats: 4:40 p.m. Veterans Place. RP reported a male juvenile threatened her juvenile son with a Swiss Army knife. Officers responded and contacted all parties, including the other juvenile’s parent. He was counseled and his mother was contacted at the scene. The parents would be working out the situation. 

Vandalism: 6:34 p.m. Brookside Drive. RP reported on-going vandalism to her residence. Officer contacted the RP and found there was no permanent damage to the house.  RP requested extra patrol.


Wednesday, Jan. 2

Found property: 1:10 p.m. Raymond and Scenic. Resident reported he found a can with approximately $200 in various bills and coins in the area of the above location. If anyone inquires about it, he has it at his home. The can has some kind of Canadian emblem on top. 

Collision: 5:36 p.m. Red Hill Avenue. RP reported via 911 that he heard a vehicle collision in the area. Officer responded and assisted with the exchange of information. A tow was requested for one of the drivers. 


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tony masi January 09, 2013 at 08:26 PM
I don't remember individuals being identified by name in the Police Log before. What makes Robert Marshall Dehaven special?
Jessica Mullins (Editor) January 09, 2013 at 10:57 PM
People are identified in the blotter once in a while. We could print every name in the log, but usually make a call based on the severity (or in this case - the frequency) of a crime and if it's relevant information for the community. Keep in mind that arrests don't indicate convictions. I forgot to put that at the top of the article this week - I usually do if the blotter includes a name. Most blotters on other Patch sites include all the names from the log.
tony masi January 09, 2013 at 11:39 PM
Thank you, Jessica, for not including names on the log as often as most other Patch sites.


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