Chevron Buys Town

For Sale: Fairfax town council.
Current high bidder: Chevron.
Council has banned styrofoam and plastic bags, and declared the town nuclear and chemtrail free, but Chevron, a gross polluter, gets special permission.  Money is the only reason I can think of for such blatant hypocrisy.  So how much? put all the cards on the table.  Because we certainly don't "need" another gas station or convenience store.  
Jennifer H December 04, 2013 at 02:11 AM
Mr. Fixer: Actually, this matter has not come up before the Fairfax Town Council yet ! It was approved by the Planning Commission and will be heard by the Fairfax Town Council tomorrow (Wednesday) night thanks to a directed referral filed by one of the town council members: http://sananselmofairfax.patch.com/groups/events/p/fairfax-town-council-meeting-re-chevron-gas-station
Paul and Marilena Silbey December 10, 2013 at 02:57 PM
It is shocking that the Planning Commission passed it! Thanks to the procedures already established, the public has input before the Council votes yay or nay! Let's see if a pot club could qualify to be located there! Our town lost a great service and source of income when they were evicted due to pressure by the Feds on their landlord. It would not generate as much traffic as many other choices


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