I seem to be missing something, I thought that Fairfax gas went away so that the parkade could be expanded and the road relocated as per the comprehensive plan in Fairfax.  What happened to that?
Jennifer H December 07, 2013 at 02:02 AM
Fairfax Gas closed down a couple years ago. The site was contaminated and has been cleaned up in steps over the last few years (well, only cleaned up to certain standards that is). There is a public right-of-way on the Fairfax Gas lot that extends from Bank St to SFD. You are correct that the Fairfax General Plan recommends using Bank St/Elsie Lane to reroute traffic from Bolinas. See map at page TC-25 of the General Plan (you can download the plan from the Town of Fairfax website.) Quote from General Plan (at page TC-8): "The Bolinas-Broadway-Claus-Sir Francis Drake intersection sometimes works adequately now, but it is confusing, inefficient and prone to gridlock. Examination of this complex intersection currently in the very center of downtown leads to an interesting solution; simplifying this intersection, if possible, would save auto fuel, pollution, and land area taken up by asphalt. If the Fairfax Gas station property ever became available for other use, it would enable simplification of this intersection by rerouting Bolinas Road traffic, and enabling a possible expansion of the Parkade, for some combination of additional parking, a transit center, a small park, or a central visual feature." The plan is for an encroachment permit to be issued to the new owner, so that he can use the public right-of-way, at least until the town decides to move forward with the redesign. At that point, the Chevron lot will shrink, leaving less parking, and creating a very cramped space for a service station and retail store. Hope that helps. Please join the No Chevron in Fairfax Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/nochevroninfairfax/ - to stay on top of the latest info re: this proposal.


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