Edo is Neat-O

New Chinese food worth the wok.

The Jolly Roger Corner features articles, reviews, and columns from the Drake High School paper, The Jolly Roger. Visit drakejr.com for more articles from the school's writers. In this article, the JR reviews the new Edo Grill at Red Hill Shopping Center.


After months of bated anticipation, the empty building that was once a Jack–in-the-Box has been replaced by Chinese-Japanese fusion, .

Located on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at the front of the Red Hill Shopping Cneter, Edo Grill has a tasty, yet cheap menu that is perfect for students looking for an alternative to .

The food at Edo Grill is made to order right in front of the customer, and takes less time than it takes to make a burrito at Burritoville. Edo Grill has many upsides compared to nearby Hot Wok. Since you can actually see how your food is prepared, you aren’t left to imagine what is happening in the back room, or allowing them to serve you food that’s been sitting in a tray for hours.

Edo Grill’s menu is fairly small, and revolves around meat, rice, noodles, and sushi. I had the Beef Yakisoba Noodles for $7, so much food I actually couldn’t finish it. The Yakisoba Noodles are very similar to the Chow Mein that you would expect to get from any other Chinese restaurant. The Yakisoba Noodles also come with chicken, as well as just by themselves. Most items that include meat also come with vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, and zucchini stir fried in.

If noodles are not your thing, Edo Grill also has rice options, which include orange and teriyaki chicken, and beef. These are all served on plain white rice, but there is also Chicken Fried Rice available.

Say you don't want Chinese Food, Edo Grill also has Japanese dishes like Chicken Udon Soup, as well as two sushi choices from the menu: a California roll and a mixed sushi roll. These two items are reasonably priced at $4 and $5 respectively.

For those who don’t want a huge lunch, you can also get the kid’s portion of chicken and rice or the kid’s chicken and noodles. The only difference between these two choices is that they are about half the size of the normal versions and can save you about $2 per dish.

If you have a car available to you, or you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, Edo Grill also utilizes the old Jack-in-the-Box drive-through. The food is prepared in an efficient grilling process and is still healthy, despite its speediness.  

Edo Grill is about the size of , but you do not feel cramped even in the small space. There is plenty of seating – unlike the three small tables in Hot Wok – and the tables are new. The kitchen is in the open, and the large windows on three sides of the restaurant brighten it up. This makes Edo Grill feel open and spacious, even though it isn’t that big.

While Edo Grill is a slightly longer walk from Drake than the other places at Red Hill, it is well worth it, and the amount of food that you can get for $6 or $7 makes it a good value. Hot Wok sells its most popular combination for just under $5, but Edo Grill is worth the extra few bucks for its quality and freshness.

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A March 23, 2011 at 04:40 PM
Thanks for the review. Can't wait to try it!
Amy Wilson March 23, 2011 at 10:39 PM
I needed lunch on the go one day and was SO happy to see Edo was using the drive through! Tho it took longer than expected for "fast food" it was well worth it for the very healthy and tasty quick lunch.


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