Help Wanted and Cool Places for the Summer

Beat the incoming heat. And don't forget sunscreen!

Did You Get It?  Did You Get It?

I’m talking about the guide to the . It came in the mail this week and thankfully we fly back from the east coast late on the 3rd, so we can go on the Fourth of July -- the last day. And who knew the Golden Gate bridge was 75 years old? Learn something new every day, and from the coolest sources too. Actually everyone can learn a whole lot more about the bridge and it’s beginnings at one of the special exhibits at the fair.

Whole Lot of Help Wanted

On my run this morning through the towns -- well, all of San Anselmo and the first bit of Fairfax (I’ll be through both towns as I build up miles for the Chicago Half Marathon in September) -- I saw three help wanted signs in a row. , , and the Consignment Shop, all in San Anselmo on San Anselmo Avenue, are looking for part-time help. It will be hard to choose between smelling great products, and being surrounded by books or fabulous clothes. I wonder if there is a super ambitious person who might even try and juggle all three jobs?

Not the Only One

I know I’m not the only one who got a little sun-burned over these past few days. Boy did summer and the sun sure pop out into full force all at once. in San Anselmo has a nice selection of sunscreens, as do the bigger stores like and , and of course Costco sells it by the bucket, but remember Jack’s if you’re walking around downtown San Anselmo enjoying ice cream and find yourself in a pinch and unprotected.

Cool Poetry

I took my nine-year-old and a friend to the first of the summer programs at the library yesterday and now have poets among us. Down in the San Anselmo Historical Society’s meeting and display room the new Children’s Librarian and a wonderful young helper, along with about ten children, worked on a group poem together and then the kids created masterpieces of their own. And let me tell you, it was a delightfully cool place to be in the heat of the day. Upstairs reading the beginnings of Dr. Zhivago wasn’t a bad way to pass the time either.

Clear Creek

And speaking of cool places to be, is another lovely place to beat the heat. Dogs and children alike enjoyed dipping their toes into the crystal clear water. Well, the dog went beyond the toes, but that’s because the children were in charge of the stick throwing. Regardless, the water was simply lovely in so many ways.

A Good Call

My brother called me this morning as I was finishing my run to sing me a sweet song that goes like this… "Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaapppppy Annnnniversary !” He was a day early, but that’s ok, considering last year my husband and I both forgot our wedding anniversary. Happy 10th my love, the best ten years of my life and I can’t wait for the next ten and the next and the next.


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