Lots to Do This Summer, Including Skype to a Council Meeting?

Plus a nod to Fairfax and their recent ordinance on smoking restrictions.

Skyping from the Mountains for Meetings

We weren’t the only ones who headed up to Tahoe this past weekend and into the week, San Anselmo Council Member Tom McInerney actually had to Skype over the mountains into last night’s Tuesday evening town council meeting. The wonder of technology made it sound like his voice came of nowhere. Hope the horse he found himself on yesterday morning treated him well.

Calling All Seniors

I am wishing I was one, a senior that is, because the next Ross Valley Senior meeting on Aug. 4 includes lunch, bocce ball, card and board games, along with a historical talk from historian Richard G. Torney, “Hygienic Catastrophe Averted,” all about the daunting health challenges after the 1906 earthquake. Newcomers can enjoy the meeting for only $5 and, if they like it so much, they can join the Ross Valley Seniors Club for only $25. If you are interested, check it all out next Thursday at the Fairfax Women’s Club at 46 Park Road in Fairfax.

Clean Fun with Some Dirty Dancing

Looking forward to date night with my husband this Friday. Think we’ll pack a picnic dinner and “Enjoy the Arts” thanks to this , the San Anselmo Arts Commission.  Then we’ll watch Dirty Dancing at . I love this town.

Such a Safe Town

It is hard to imagine that I have a daughter who is almost in double digits, but wonderful to know that she can head into town for an ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt (remember when there were only 31 flavors to choose from?) with a friend and this worrywart of a mother (me) can stay at home and actually breathe easy and keep calm. 

This is a truly magical summer filled with making bug huts from treasures in the yard, bike rides to explore life in San Anselmo and Fairfax, Art Camp with local artist Michael Feldman, Clay Camp at , Sport Camp at  in Fairfax, and all of the amazing opportunities offered at the (which I’ve mentioned maybe a hundred times, I know). It fills me with complete and total joy knowing that my very own daughter in 2011 is getting a very similar safe suburban upbringing that I remember so fondly from the 70s. I can send her out to play all day and know she’ll be home for dinner when I call (and not on a cell phone!).

Wishing For the Same

Fairfax recently adopted an ordinance that has in town and I wish San Anselmo would do the same. Though I am pretty sure there aren’t as many smokers in San Anselmo as Fairfax, when there is even one it is simply awful. I remember having to leave a park awhile back when a woman refused to leave the toddler area, even though a sign with a list of rules (and common decency) noted that smoking was not allowed inside the fenced park. Fairfax's ordinance absolutely prohibits smoking in any Fairfax park at any time. Way to go Fairfax.


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