Namaste is real, to me

Selena Martinez Last week during a cultural communication class at College of Marin, the teacher clearly stated she was an atheist, although I did not ask, I respect her choice.. She then asked, who in the class believed that God was some super hero in a costume that created the universe. I was taken aback by the condecending way she said it. This is my response. "If I was God, there would be some changes" these are words written and sung by my friend Danny Click. Personally, I do not believe he means God wants to change into, or out of, his super hero costume, but rather, he wants to make some positive changes that touch all people. Some people do not see God, or they do not want to. This does not mean God does not exist, nor should anothers belief change only because I, believe in God. My heart is filled with Gods love and I experience Gods grace daily. Of course, I speak only from my experience, which is very real, to me. I do not feel that the mystery of faith is neccesary for living a fulfilling life, although, it sure makes things nicer. Rather, I feel it more as a gift that is received if ones heart is open and available. Namaste is a phrase that can be interpreted as "the God in me sees the God in you." My faith makes that real, I see the God in everybody. No matter, just because I see God in you does not mean God is real, to you. I will do enough believing for us both if that is the case. My faith teaches me that God is everywhere and everything. My Native American ancestral spirituality teaches me that God is "The great spirit that moves through all things." I believe that. 


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