Roots Summer Camp in Fairfax

Roots Summer Camp is a great program for tween boys and girls in the context of rites of passage.

A Summer of Discovery & Self-worth

Roots Summer Camp is designed to reconnect our youth to nature, learn more about the importance of community and themselves.

Participants will engage in learning that allows them to work cooperatively, express themselves, play in a meaningful way, and engage in dynamic learning that builds confidence and empathy for others.

Roots Summer Camp activities include hands-on challenges and troubleshooting techniques that help to promote social skills in both a gender separated and co-ed environment, much like a regular school classroom.

Roots Summer Camp Outline

The camp runs for (6) days, including an overnight retreat:

  • Day Sessions are held M-F from 9am – 4pm.
    • Lunch is provided for every participant.
    • Sessions will be gender separated-most of the time.
  • Overnight Retreat is held Saturday from 10am – Sunday to 10am
    • Backpacking trip to designated camping area.
    • Food/Drinks are provided-water containers recommended.
    • Hikes will be in a co-ed environment; gender separated during camp activities.

At least (1) Mens facilitator and (1) Womens facilitator accompany each group.

Program Overview

Monday Session: Focus on building group cohesion – team building activities, self discovery through nature, and identifying personal strengths and weaknesses.
Tuesday Session: Completing challenging hands-on tasks – creating meaningful materials, learning how to use tools, and learning to troubleshoot with limited advisement.
Wednesday Session: Designing self-made games – exploring self-interests, playing games in nature and challenges for the group to experience.
Thursday Session: Survival training techniques – using the natural resources in the surrounding natural areas, and learning to work cooperatively for group survival.
Friday Session: Camping trip preparedness – discussion of needed materials, reflection on team building activities, and building group cohesion assessment.

Overnight Retreat: Focus on exploring the surrounding area – using myth, collective storytelling, and learning through nature for community building and personal development. 

Example of Boys Group Team-Building Activities: Capture the Flag Tournaments, Survival Skill Training, Group Council Discussions, and Exploring Hiking Trails

Example of Girls Group Team-Building Activities: Exploring Hiking Trails, Meditation and Yoga, Group Council Discussions, and Self-Expression through Dance

Current Rates

Full Camp: $700 | Day Sessions Only: $550

Sign-up for our Newsletter & Register before April 1st to receive a 20% discount!A 50% deposit is required at the time of reservation.

Schedule and Location

Fairfax Camp: June 16th-23rd | Deer Park
Mill Valley Camp: July 14th-20th | Tennessee Valley
West Marin Camp: August 4th-10th | Forest Knolls-Lagunitas

Each Camp is limited to (12) participants – Miss a camp? Too far? No space? Contact us to start a camp in your area!

If you would like to know more information please contact: armando@r2branches.org


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