Round Table Closes Its Doors

Get a Realtor who will get her hands dirty. And learn how to make Indian food.

Where’s the Pizza?

has officially closed its doors as of Sunday evening, and it happened so suddenly and without any warning I couldn’t even write about it in on Monday. Their phone goes un-answered (sometimes) and the official website has deleted the address. It now only shows that the next closest location to San Anselmo’s zip-code is out in Terra Linda. 

, we don't know why it happened earlier than planned. Was it the construction? Did it stem from the bankruptcy filing in February? I

But, we wish all of the employee’s fast re-employment and hope that something wonderful goes into the location very soon. I just wish Lou Malnatti’s in Chicago would franchise, I would be slingin’ (and eating) pizzas left and right if they’d share their recipe. 

Who’s Your Realtor?

Does your realtor come and help with yard work? Does your realtor help scrub your kitchen cabinets? Does your realtor go to the dump with you to unload debris? If the answer is no, you are working with a sub-par realtor.

We’ve been getting our house ready for the market and being on a tight budget we have had to roll up our sleeves to do a great deal of the work ourselves. Our realtor, Enid Pott, who is 79 years old by the way, has been by my side at every moment she can with her work gloves on and her sleeves rolled up. She is amazing and wonderful and if you are looking for a great representative she is your gal.

Why Oh Why

Why could we not have had this weather in July when we all want and expect it? Thankfully, it looks like it will be cooling off for another lovely weekend.

No Need to Write

I was going to write about the coming up in San Anselmo this Sunday, but I just read and it sums it all up beautifully. We’ll be there to dine on pancakes early if we don’t sleep in, and will be front and center to watch the parade with our 10-year-old Girl Scout walking with Troop 30311. Hope to see everyone out there!

A Taste of India

Our Dinner Club theme this past Saturday night was the tastes of India, and we got to talking about the amazing in Fairfax.  It turns out one of their other locations, on Fourth Street in San Rafael, offers cooking classes most Monday evenings.

Not only do you get to learn all about different dishes and how they are prepared, but you also can help out where possible to really get a hands-on lesson. The very best part? You get to eat it all at the end of the evening! I know where I’ll be spending many future Monday evenings; care to join me in the fun and culture?

Kelly Dunleavy O'Mara September 21, 2011 at 06:58 PM
My understanding is their lease was being ended at the end of the year and with the construction they were simply losing money and decided to cut their losses.
Margaret, Fairfax Branch Librarian September 22, 2011 at 12:18 AM
I'd love more details about the cooking classes at Lotus Cuisine of India -- what time? Is there a cost? Do I need to sign up in advance?


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