Ross Valley Sanitary District GM Asks for Help in Preventing System Blockages

Following these guidelines from the district will make for a safer winter.

Dear residents:

Much has been publicized about the Ross Valley Sanitary District over the last few years. No matter where one falls in their opinion of the District’s performance and issues, one thing is certain; the wastewater collection system is in bad shape. While the RVSD Staff works maintain and repair the infrastructure, we would like to ask for your (the public’s) help with a few simple requests:

  1. Do not flush anything down the toilet or drain that does not dissolve as easily as toilet paper. The RVSD.org web site has a “dirty dozen” list of items that are often found clogging both public and private sewer pipes.
  2. Do not pour fats, oils, or grease down the drain. It solidifies in the pipes and can create blockages that lead to overflows or backups.
  3. Report all suspected overflows to the District immediately. If you believe that you see and overflowing manhole or cleanout, or if you detect the odor of sewage in any flowing water, please report it immediately by calling (415) 259-2949. Even if it is after business hours, an answering service will direct the message to our emergency on-call personnel at once.

The rainy season is underway and the RVSD crews are working to keep the system clear of blockages that could cause sewer overflows. You can take an active role in overflow prevention by helping us out with these few simple precautions.

The RVSD Staff thanks you for your support.

Wendy Martin-Miller
Acting General Manager
Ross Valley Sanitary District


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