Steady Stream of Voters at the San Anselmo and Fairfax Polls

Have you cast your ballot yet? How do you feel about Measure A, Proposition 30 or Proposition 37?


Most of the registered voters who visit the Fairfax Library on Election Day are familiar faces to Joyce Cole.

Cole, a San Anselmo resident, has been the chief polling inspector for more than 10 years at the library, one of the two polling spots in Fairfax.

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  • As usual, there was a line of people waiting to cast their vote when the polls opened at 7 a.m., Cole said. Throughout the day and into the afternoon, there had been a steady stream of voters – many who were dropping off their “vote by mail” ballots in person.

    “People seem more confident [their vote will count] if they drop it off,” Cole said. 

    San Anselmo resident Kim Wonderley, who works at KCBS, said while this presidential race feels different from four years ago, it’s a “typical American election” where people are polarized. 

    “I don’t think many people are undecided,” she said outside the San Anselmo Log Cabin, one of the four polling locations in San Anselmo.

    While there wasn’t much on the ballot at the local level, Marin County’s Measure A and some state Propositions, including Proposition 37 (which would require GMO labeling) and Proposition 30 (which would create cuts to the Ross Valley School District), were issues near and dear to community members’ hearts.

    Wonderly said she couldn’t imagine anyone not supporting

    She said since many people chose to pay more to live in Marin, which is known for its open space, support for Measure A “seems like it should be a slam dunk.”

    Lynda Moore, a San Anselmo resident who volunteered at the polls in the First Presbyterian Church, said the voter turnout had been steady all day and included several first-time voters. 

    “There was a mother who took pictures of her son along every step of the way,” said Moore, a deputy inspector.

    She said the poll volunteers were expecting a rush from 5 to 8 p.m. “We aren’t allowed a break after 5,” she said. 

    San Anselmo resident Tanya Ocker, who cast her vote at the First Presbyterian Church, said it was frustrating to study all the state propositions before she visited the polls.

    “Voter-initiated measures are great in theory, but a lot are worded in manipulative ways,” she said. 

    Showing an ID is not a requirement to vote in California. If you have trouble exercising your right to vote today, call the Voter Protection Hotline: 1-800-311-VOTE.


    Have you voted yet? Who did you pick for president? How did you vote on Measure A, Prop. 30 or 37? Tell us in the comments!


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