Clean "House" Detox Cleanse with Sarah Badorine

Are you ready to drop baggage? Take out the trash? Have a fresh start body, mind and spirit? Learn how with Self-Love educator, Sarah Badorine.

Here we are, post Thanksgiving and it is time to clean "House" body, mind and spirit. If you are unsure about a cleanse, worry not, this blog post is to help you feel prepared, supported and ready.

First of all, remember this is about self-love and not torture, so make it work for you. These are only guidelines meant to make it easier for you.  

-What is a detox/cleanse? There are many different types of cleanses. The Clean House Detox is really about checking in, and taking out what is not serving you. It's about treating yourself, your body, mind and spirit with love. We are going slowly with support from each other.

-Write down your reason. Think about your motivation for cleaning out toxins and blockages and put it on paper. Tape it up in your kitchen or office, somewhere you will be able to see it daily. For example, my reason is to make space for me to clearly follow my intuition.

- Check in with your body and be honest about what foods are serving you and which are not. Remember, the foods you love may not be right for your body. For example, I love milk and I drink a ton of it. But my nose has been stuffed, making it hard to breathe due to the lactose, so I am choosing to take milk out of my diet.

-Whats on the "NO" list? Foods that may bother the system include: wheat/gluten, sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, drugs. Make your own "NO" list and shed them one or two at a time. (Maybe you smoke cigarettes or eat processed foods or non-organic or non-humanly raised meat that you may be ready to take out of your routine.) Do what is right for you.

-What cleansing feels like at first: Some moments/days you will feel really good, happy and full of energy. But as you purge more and more most likely you will be crabby. You may get really sleepy around 3:00, your poop may be black, or even runny. You could break out with pimples, have bad body odor and bad breath. But remember, this is showing that you are "taking out the trash" all that was in your body is going out every way it can. Just drink a TON OF WATER, go to yoga as much as possible, and keep it up - I promise it gets better.

-Benefits of a cleanse. As you continue, you will start to receive the benefits which include but are not limited to: weight loss, better focus, better sleep, more energy, clear skin, better digestion, stronger immune system, even mood levels, better hydration, relief from allergies, no more dandruff, no more snoring, sweet smelling breath and more. Yay!

-You are supported! Each Tuesday from now to the end of January I will send you a short tip that will help you along.

-What is on the "YES" list? Lots of fresh, organic fruit and veggies, oats, nuts, a little organic meat, polenta, quinoa, dates, and super foods. Roots are in season and they are very detoxifying!

-Yummy, EASY meals: Here are my favorite healthy food sites, use them! They will be very helpful.

Kris Carr is my go-to for healthy, simple recipes see her here: http://kriscarr.com/recipes/

Another wonderful resource for learning how to cook healthy is: http://healthycookingcamp.com/

I freaking LOVE all these ladies and I think you will too.

Now that we have covered food, I have made a video that will help you carry your cleanse through with a morning routine for starting your day clean. Check it out here.

If you don't know how to use a neti pot I have a video of how to do that here 

Thank you so much for allowing me to guide you as we CLEAN HOUSE!

Please email me or comment on Facebook with any questions, complaints, breakthroughs, or tips/tricks of your own. I LOVE to hear from you.

Come to yoga! It will make the whole experience way more fun and beneficial for you.

Share this with your friends and family! A friend taught me about cleansing and I am forever thankful to her for that. You can do the same for someone you love.

I will see you soon. So much love to you and Namaste',



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