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How Taking Care of Yourself Helps Heal the World

One yoga teacher's story of how leading her students in a cleanse helped her to be stronger and more useful to those who could use a hand.

Surrender, Service, Impact


Nobody and everybody is special. We each have the same bright light of love within us. Some make choices that allow that light to shine brighter. The state of our lives and how we affect others is a result of many small choices.


Several weeks a go, in a prayer to the Creator, I asked for clearer guidance. I asked that my intuition be louder than my ego mind, I asked that spirit work through me every day so that I may live my highest purpose. What I heard back was this,


"I am trying to guide you, but you can hardly hear me-there is too much crap blocking the messages."


Then suddenly, my eyes were opened, and I could see a clear map of what I was to do next. I had to remove the blocks and allow my heart, mind, ears and eyes to be open, way open if I was going to truly be of service in this life.


Because my work is my passion, I knew I had to include my yoga students in this cleansing journey. It was made clear to me that not only would we support each other, but also we would all become brighter lights through this process of cleaning out and letting go.


I love a clean house. When I fill up bags for the Goodwill, throw out the garbage, scrub down every surface and the place smells fresh, I work better, sleep better, relax better. I get more creative since I have all this space for play. In the same sense, I knew that if we cleaned "house" body, mind and spirit that every aspect of our lives would improve, we would feel free, we would be more creative, have more fun and improve the lives of others.


Thankfully my both my husband and many students were on board to do the cleanse. We started with food. We choose to take out foods that were not serving us. This meant the daily trips to Scoop for amazing ice cream where no more, instead Danny and I used this time to hike longer with our puppy, Luciano. We switched from coffee to honey ginger lemon water, we woke up early to meditate together. We practiced a lot of yoga. As the weeks have gone by we have been more able to release the fears, resentment and expectations that life has laid on us. We have been able to be more present, more clam, yet are full of passion and energy.


My spiritual teachers say that when you are on your Divine path, or living in a "higher vibration" you experience miracles on a daily basis, you see synchronicities everywhere, you bask in the feeling that your life has real purpose.


This indeed has been my experience and is so fantastic; it is more than worth the loss of coffee, pizza and the challenges faced along the way.


Last week this all came together. My inner guidance system lead me to a powerful movement by way of a documentary and book called Half the Sky. Learning of this movement was not easy as the subject is a result of pure evil-the pain and suffering of innocent girls-children forced into sex slavery. As a sensitive creature, I have avoided traumatic subjects like this my whole life.


But with the new found strength and protection I feel from my light getting brighter, I was able to take in the information and learn that this is going on around the world. My intuition made it clear to me that I am to use my newfound energy and strength to move into action for this cause.


  The first step was to become the local ambassador for the Half the Sky Movement in our community. The next step is to share this with you and invite you to the donation based yoga classes I am offering. Together we can do our part to rescue, rehabilitate and empower these girls. It may sound like a humungous job, too big to handle but it is not because even just a little bit of our energy/ money we cansave lives.


Maybe you are reading this and you haven't been participating in the cleanse, that is OK. Maybe you have started it and have been thinking about taking it deeper. Maybe you are a purist and moving deep through your spiritual practice. To all of you I say this; everything you need to live a miraculous life is already within you. Maybe you feel numb, maybe you know you are on the edge of something greater than you could ever imagine, maybe you are just scared to move the blocks, afraid of what you might find. No matter the situation I want you to know that I believe in you and I believe that every tiny choice we make leads our life one-way or the other. I hope to encourage you to make those tiny choices to be a beacon of light in your home, your community, our Earth. It may mean loosing something you are used to, but I promise what you will gain is more valuable than the rarest stone.


A wonderful way to start could be making a donation to an organization you believe in, going to a yoga class, sitting down to meditate, or simply choosing an orange over a Snickers. But know you are not alone, and anything we do that presents challenge, returns great reward. Love yourself to love beyond yourself.


To learn more about Half the Sky Movement, click link:



Mark you calenders for Sunday January 27th at 2:00 for the first in a series of live music donation based yoga classes. Details will follow. 


If you would like to donate now with our community branch of the movement, click link:



Thank you, love you, Namaste, 



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