What Could $100,000 Buy for Our Schools?

And, learn how the giant, light-up star on Manor Hill in Fairfax gets made.

The and could buy a lot of things with $100,000.

These were , because of state budget shortfalls:

Items Considered for Cutting from the Budget
 Amount Saved Increase third grade class ratios from 20:1 to between 20-25:1 $77,000 Reduce library services and personnel by 20% $53,800 Reduce Kindergarten aide time by 50% $87,000 Increase 6th-8th grade class ratios from 25-27:1 to up to 29 $173,000 Reduce program aides in Special Ed by 25% $74,000 Reduce overall supplies budget by 5%
$105,000 Eliminate three instructional days

If you could save a number of these items by winning the district $100,000 with just a simple vote, most parents would do it.

The Patch Deck the House contest will award $100,000 to the winning entry's schools. So, enter the contest and vote for our local winners!

Here, we have a wonderful entry from Brian Sagar about how he makes the giant light up star that can be seen throughout Fairfax. Watch his video and vote for his Manor Hills Star.

Or, get inspired to make your own entry.

Just think, what would you buy for the school district with $100,000?


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