9/11. Homeland Insecurity. Where are we now?

Hmm, 9/11. Where are we now? Has Homeland Insecurity and endless war made us more secure? Are we, as Jesus, and others have suggested, Loving one another?

Hmm, 9/11. Where are we now? Has Homeland Insecurity and endless war made us more secure? Are we, as Jesus, and others have suggested, Loving one another?

    Has our focus on turning the finite systems of living Nature, into parceled and fenced off individual "empires" of "us" and "ours, " for our consuming pleasure orgy,  served a healthy future? Has allowing ourselves to be "guided,"  and hoodwinked by MBA's and bean counters, most of which show zero respect or awareness of the living systems of Nature created "security?" Is the reduction of all life to a $ value to be profited from, making our world secure?

    We have Fukushima's and Chernobyl's, GMO's, Fracking, and endless war, as well as a corrupt banking system of "legitimate rape." How can any of this be considered "security?" Security of what? The security of fear and destruction? The security of mindless thugs, more kin to bacteria growing out of the petri dish? What security is this? The security of an insane bad dream, and corporate psychopathology?
    Democrats/Republicans/Libertarians/Etc, they are all mostly insane, and few of them speak to, for, or about much of real value or substance, and they ARE us.  Christians/Catholics/Jews/Moslems/Etc, What are we going to do about US?

    And now, the good news.

    There is plenty of security to be had, and Yes, "WE" Can (to use a non followed through slogan from the last erection) We CAN choose to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, and to take care of each other, and all life/Nature.

    Real security comes from vibrant and interconnected and diverse communities, through creative endeavors built on activities other than wars and $ profits. Real security comes from taking care of (conserving and preserving rather then consuming) Nature. Real security comes through valuing farmers and teachers and folks who actually produce and create value more than (or at least equal to) bankers and arms manufacturers.

     Real security comes through listening to and responding to our neighbors and other countries "issues" and responding with kindness, love,  understanding, and forgiveness, or at least a willingness to try, rather than with just fists and missiles. Real security comes from taking control of the world away from the tantruming psychopaths we have empowered, and empowering real security.

    Real security comes with "Love One Another" and not the continual blind eyes toward hunger, fear, waste, and consumerism.

    Where are we now? Take a look around at what we are leaving in our wake, for anything's future. We can create incredible beauty, and celebrate /support diversity.  Are we willing to give our love to this world and leave it better than we found it?

    Can we embody Tikkun?

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Jes Richardson September 16, 2012 at 12:17 PM
It is a sorry state of affairs we've found ourselves in, but it's also important to acknowledge how we're standing on the brink of enormous opportunities and breakthroughs. View it this way and it's more likely to happen. Peace & Love, Jes http://bridgeofhearts.com/


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