I'm on my way to Jail? What a lack of 1st Amendment rights & a waste of taxpayer $.

Sierra Salin of Fairfax will turn himself in at 9am, Wed 4/25 for a $5000 Bench Warrant stemming from the legal signature, "LOVE HEALS" being signed on a fix it ticket in El Dorado County.

In Protest of 1st Amendment Impingement, Sierra Salin of Fairfax will turn himself in at 9 a.m., Wed. 4/25 at Fairfax Police Department for a $5000 Bench Warrant stemming from the legal signature, "LOVE HEALS" being signed on a fix it ticket in El Dorado County.

Sierra Salin, of Fairfax, will be turning himself in for a bench warrant issued 4/5 by El Dorado County in response to his legal signature of "LOVE HEALS" on a fix it ticket (which was returned) for not having affixed the proper current year stickers to the car's plates.  Sierra has written and called the offices (twice each) of El Dorado County D.A. Vern Pierson http://www.co.el-dorado.ca.us/ELDODA/  informing them and providing proof of legal signature and, received no response, other than a failure to appear and a $5000 bench warrant.

This is a basic judicial impingement of my 1st Amendment free speech and expression, and a waste of the judicial system. There is a big difference between a name, and a signature, and in fact, most people's signatures are not decipherable as a name. Upon calling the Fairfax Police Department (Sgt. OCallahan and Chief Morrin), I was informed that the warrant includes extradition, so I may be transferred to El Dorado County/Placerville at taxpayer expense. What a waste of time and money. I refuse to be bullied by an overzealous judicial system. If my county is better served by putting me behind bars and feeding me low quality food, then it is time to change our country.

Wed. April 25
9 a.m.
Fairfax Police Department
144 Bolinas Road
Fairfax, Ca. 94930

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Thaddeus Q Abernathy April 25, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Bummer, I guess they don't like nonconformity. I use a scribble as my signature every time, it means nothing. Funny... Signature = Sign Nature = the Nature of how you sign your name. What is a name anywho? a label, a definition, a identification, a bar code. In truth you got what you wanted Sierra, Way to go! Proud of you Boy... all growed up and disterbin the peace an all Now milk it for all it's worth. Yeah!
tones April 26, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Apparently there is a lack of serious crime in El Dorado County, so they have to milk a fix-it ticket into revenue for the entire legal system. Sure enough, according to a report called Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcy: Municipalities Facing Financial Crisis (http://html.documation.com/cds/NCBJ2011/assets/PDFs/VI_B.pdf): "El Dorado County, California: El Dorado County is facing a projected 2011- 2012 budget deficit of $7 million. The county recently approved $4 million in budget reductions, a large amount of which came from law enforcement." This is bad government in action.
Aaron April 29, 2012 at 04:26 PM
You idiotic self indulgent fool. Why dont you do something good for someone else instead of taxing our resources. I hope they follow through and charge you with as much as they can. Pathetic.
Sierra Salin April 29, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Why, thank you for the kind words, Aaron. Yes, I am a fool. The world could use more of us. Fools who care more about principals, integrity, and substance, than what they look like. And F.Y.I. I signed myself out of jail (under threat) to save taxpayer money, and my time. LOVE HEALS! the rest is egosystems and bully righteousness. Hmm, what would Jesus do?
Aaron April 29, 2012 at 04:42 PM
You are so full of yourself, you havent accomplished anything for anybody. Love is a verb, go help someone. You wrap yourself up in your own mental concepts just to insulate yourself from your self hate.
Arvid P. Sloan April 29, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I agree with Aaron. There must be something positive you can do. What you did was just useless.
Sierra Salin April 29, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Ps, Aaron, so far I have cost the taxpayers little, beyond time, and some thought. I ate and drank nothing while caged, and aside from flushing a toilet a few times, and having to wash my orange and white shirt, pants, and lovely pink socks, there was little change to the workings of the daily machine, which is already wastefully in place. And do not imagine for a second, that I do not appreciate the police, sheriffs, D.A's, etc, and the work which they do to protect us. I bow down in gratitude to them, and to everybody else who makes this world work. I do believe however, that unless we change our systems, and start rebuilding nature, yesterday, that we are not serving anything except for wast and destruction. Nature is finite. Human ignorance, misunderstandings, greed, and pettyness on the other hand, seem to be in greater supply, and Nature, WILL prevail, regardless of our beliefs, or rules. All I can do, is be myself, and no amount of bullying words or put downs from thos such as you are going to much change reality for the better. Why are folks so upset by LOVE HEALS!, are we that far away from any kindness, respect, or sanity in the whirled?
Thaddeus Q Abernathy April 29, 2012 at 08:55 PM
Fighting the system? No, you are just annoying the PoPo. As I tell my Occupy brothers and sisters, "The Police are not your friends but don't make them your enemy." All you are doing is fighting with the drones when you should be fighting the ill conceived laws.
Sierra Salin April 29, 2012 at 11:46 PM
To each their own Thaddeus. You can act and live as you see fit, and follow your own inspiration, as can I, and who are you to tell me what my motives are, or what the effects will be? You know me not, and assume much. Who is to say which one of us is more of a fool, and which kind? I am making my point, and sticking to my own integrity, whether or not anyone else understands or agrees, is not really the point, and I will not be bullied. Thank you for filling me in with how you think it is, and how it should be, etc, and you are being no different than the D.A. or prosecutor, if you can not allow me to just be myself. And I do disagree with you. The police are our friends, as much as everyone else is. It is ALL just us. There are people who I may not agree with or like very much at any specific time, and we can ALL be real jerks at various times, and no one is my "enemy." Fear, greed, hunger, ignorance, these are the things to work at changing, and we all cause unintended consequences, regardless of our intentions, plans, or inspirations. How do we not let our anger and frustration get the better of us at all the inequalities, and how do we forgive each other, constantly, for all of our shortcomings, and work towards peace? None of us are who we were yesterday, or who we will be tomorrow, and we WILL see. What are we choosing now? Laws, rules, daily life, are only how they are because it is what all of us "drones" accept and go along with.
Sierra Salin April 29, 2012 at 11:51 PM
I am not fighting with the system, I am challenging it, and dealing with it on my own temrs, and bringing some light(ness) to a rather humorless and stiff form.
Arvid P. Sloan April 30, 2012 at 12:12 AM
I dont see any lightness, I see boring and cliche.
Sierra Salin April 30, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Well help yourself baba. Roll over and jump as whoever wishes. Me I just go along with the herd, and do what I'm told. Sorry to rattle your sensibilities, and thank you so much for the creative constructive positiveness. I see that you are a master yourself.


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