Protest Chase at Red Hill with me?

I walked into Chase to cash an $85 check from my sister, at her bank, which is the bank where her funds are on deposit, and where her check is a promissory note, and they refused to cash it unless they extort $6 to give me what should be mine, because I do not have an account there....
Fine, I told them, including the manager, go ahead, and, I want a receipt showing the $6 charge.
They refused to give me a receipt, only offering me bank policy weaselwords and a booklet, etc, and I continuallly stated, if you are taking the check for $85 and giving me $79 back, I want a receipt accounting for the $6.
They told me to leave or they would call the police, and I replied, please do, and also call the Fairfax Police too, for back up.
I had a nice chat out front with officer Kevin (I forget his last name)  of the Central Marin Police Authority (which by the way is a terrible name, please, reinstate "Department..." for "Authority") and after his back up arrived and he went into the bank to see about them cashing my check, and giving me a receipt, he returned, and seemed surprised when he said, that they were in fact refusing to give me a receipt, and that I would be arrested if I returned to Chase Bank at Red Hill.
I tried to explain to the manager what sort of fool I am, and that it is principal, not money, and that she would be better off to cash the check and be done with me. 
I urge folks to remove their money from the too big  banks, and support credit unions, and community banks.
I will be making up a sign and standing on Sir Francis Drake, at Red Hill Shopping Center, in the next few days. Would anyone care to join me? Both the "fee" and the lack of accounting for it with a receipt seem like extortion to me, for what should be a simple transaction.
Next time, perhaps I should call the police to escort me IN to the bank?
Perhaps I should just go in and ask them to arrest me? I just may do that. Could be  fun, eh? 
Chase, you are in MY community. Please go away. 

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Paul and Marilena Silbey December 10, 2013 at 04:59 PM
Kudos Sierra! As each one listens to their inner guidance and does their part, it all gets done! Person by person, we make the world a better place. We need a community bank or public bank in Fairfax instead of Bank of America! Redwood Credit Union would do well, unless there is a better way.
Jim Caldwell December 20, 2013 at 02:21 AM
The $6 fee is BS, I left WFB and B of A over similar usury policies. I now bank with a smaller regional bank. That being said, why not cash the check at your bank, or deposit it? Or convince your sister to pay cash. Guess being caught short and having Chase rip you off got to you. I understand that. The entire banking and financial system is designed to punish.
Paul March 21, 2014 at 12:59 PM
Here's an idea: Why not just... not do business with them. There is no law that requiring banks to give you a receipt for their fees. By all means, complain about regulatory corruption and too-big-banks. But this is worse than silly - your stunt cost Marin County an order of magnitude more than $6.00. Don't waste your money but by all means waste ours (and add even more CO2 to the atmosphere etc.). Just because you don't pay taxes or carry your share, doesn't mean no one else does either.
Sierra Salin March 23, 2014 at 08:40 PM
Gee Paul, you sure are making a lot of assumptions. Looked in the mirror lately? I not only don't do business with the likes of them, I take every opportunity I get to suggest that others consider the issues and the effects, and that they do the same. Chase is also one of the biggest investors/pushers of the fossil fuel industry. Some of us DO care about persnickity lil things and details, as well as honor, honesty, or leaving a planet worth living on for anythings future, and not just for or about our own personal portfolio's, empires, etc? Carry my share of what Paul? Endless wars, destruction of the commons of Nature, Nukes/Fukushimas (which ARE still spewing baba) and a system of corrupt policy and governance, which is rapidly destroying the ability of Natural systems to sustain much? What are you doing for anybody or anything, my friend? Waste your money? We ARE wasting everything's futures and life, and money IS a poor excuse for most anything worthwhile. I refuse to "do" business with Chase, etc, and will continue to do so until such day as "they" behave and act in ways which are survivable. I would suggest you bother to look into the real issues behind any of it, and no, it is not about a $6 fee to cash their own check, which IS extortion, but is is certainly part of it.


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