Fundraisers to Restore College Funds of Girls Who Lost Their Mother to Cancer

Three Ross Valley women are working to raise money to recreate the college fund of three Larkspur girls that was spent on medical expenses for their mother, who died of complications from breast cancer.


San Anselmo resident Amelia Chenoweth has been working with two other Ross Valley women to restore the college fund for three Larkspur girls who lost their mother to cancer earlier this year.

Larkspur’s Susan Kelly-Andrews died on March 22 of complications from breast cancer. She is survived by her husband, David Andrews, and their three daughters, 16-year-old Violet, 14-year-old Beatrice and 10-year-old Prudence.

Medical expenses for Kelly-Andrews’ breast cancer ate up the $75,000 college fund saved for the three girls.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking because she was going to go back to work. She was saying she was going to go through chemo and get a job and [create the savings again],” Chenoweth said. “We are hoping to at least get that money back. That was our basic goal and if we can do more that would be awesome.”

Chenoweth, along with Monique Tse of Fairfax and San Anselmo’s Kathy Lococo, have teamed together, created the “Unicorn Rainbow Nation” and are raising funds in several ways:

  • Selling coffee at wholesale prices from Guatemala
  • Selling $5 raffle tickets for prizes from a variety of businesses (see the impressive list of participating businesses below)
  • Holding a benefit screening of Kelly-Andrews’ favorite film, “Bringing up Baby,” in ILM’s former location at 3210 Kerner Boulevard in San Rafael on July 28. The fundraiser, which begins at 4:30 p.m. and includes a barbecue, cocktails and movie snacks, falls on Kelly-Andrews’ birthday.
  • , at 1912 Sir Francis Drake Blvdin Fairfax, has offered to donate 10 percent of their sales on Thursday, July 26, to the Kelly-Andrew girls’ college fund.

The three women were close friends of Kelly-Andrews. Chenoweth, who worked with Chenoweth at Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic special effects division, is the godmother of Prudence.

And where’d they get the name Unicorn Rainbow Nation?

“Rainbow unicorn” was what Kelly-Andrews would say about something that was really special that happens, Chenoweth said.

Chenoweth started using the phrase on the blog My Pet Liver, which she started to keep friends and family updated on Kelly-Andrews. “I pulled that phrase up when Susan was sick and going through chemo again.”

The phrase came to mind because so many people were coming together to help with the girls, whether it was giving them rides or tutoring them. “It was this ‘rainbow unicorn’ moment and all these people came out of the woodwork and were helping,” Chenoweth said.

“It is kind of stunning and beautiful and overwhelming how good people are when you need them the most,” Chenoweth said. “It makes bad things easy to bear when people are so good. It’s been pretty inspiring.”

Chenoweth’s blog appears to serve as a touching resource for friends and family. A recent post provided an update on the three girls as summer began:

Prudie, who was being home schooled in the fourth grade for the 2011-2012 term, finished all her course work last week, which means she can look forward to spending a weekend at Disneyland this summer as a reward from her godmother Denise. (I may tag along as well;  it’s been forever since I rode Space Mountain.)  Her four tutors deserve a very special thanks for spending the last several weeks making sure she stayed on track, so if you run into Johanna Bearg, Annie Calanchini, Lori Farmer or Megan Jones be sure to let them know what amazing women they are for giving Prudie the gift of education through their hard work and generosity.  Next school year, Prudie will be back at St. Anslem School with her old, familiar group of students and teachers, and she says she is looking forward to it (as much as any kid can really look forward to the next school year).

Bice, just this past Friday, graduated from the eighth grade at St. Anselm School, marking the end of nine years of education at that fantastic school, and she received a bunch of awards or certificates or something at the school’s eighth grade award ceremony last Thursday.  I can’t for the life of me remember what any of them were, but I’m sure they were spectacular, like her.  She is very excited to be going on to Branson next year for high school, and I can’t wait to hear all about it, since Susan andBice have been plotting her acceptance there for a long time.

Violet will be a junior at Redwood High School in Larkspur this coming fall, and is continuing to kick ass in track and cross country.  She is also now a legal driver as of a few weeks ago, so you’ll never see her again except as a shiny, silver blur passing by on Magnolia.  She’s starting to think seriously about college, which fries my brain, because that means I am truly getting old, and luckily for all of us, last I heard she wants to stick around the Bay Area and attend school at Cal Berkeley when she graduates from high school.  If past performance is any indication, I’m sure she’ll have no problem making that happen.  The most exciting news, however, is that Vi is also closing the deal on a trip to Nepal next summer with the help of a family friend who is very active in volunteer work out there.  I am just a tiny bit jealous.



Grand Prize:

Wright Travel:  http://www.palaceresorts.com/

  • 3 nights at a Palace Resort (excluding le Blanc) for 2 adults.
  • Includes accommodations, all meals, beverages, entertainment, and taxes are included; airfare, tours, and transfers are not included.

Gift Cards:

Stellar Spa

Zobha Yoga Clothing

: $25

: $50

: Garden consultation ($300 value)

Ross Valley Chiropractic: Consultation and initial office visit ($150 value)

: Free Tune Up

: 2 x $50

: $20

Whyte’s Booksmith: $25

, Frozen Yogurt: $55 

Dogville: $25


: Dinner for four

: $75

: $50

s: $40

: $50


R.U.N Coffee: 2 x 1 lb bag

Victoria Williams (once babysitter to Sue’s girls) - Free babysitting for a movie night out

You can get on Paypal and send $5 per ticket, or $20 for five tickets, to info@rainbowunicornnation.com, or snail mail a check made out to Rainbow Unicorn Nation to:

179 Ridgeway Avenue, Fairfax CA, 94930

Include the number of tickets you want, your name and address and phone number in your comment with Paypal or in a note with your check. For more information, e-mail info@rainbowunicornnation.com.




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